Why Use a Removalists Firm

Why Use a Removalists Firm

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Moving house is rarely a fun experience and for those who have done it in the past, and thought that they could do it with a rented truck and help from a few friends, the chances are they had an absolute nightmare and would never do it on their own again. Moving some furniture and your belongings from one property to another at initial glance, seems like a relatively simple thing to do, but the bad news is, that it is in fact, quite the opposite. There is an art to moving house, which professional removalists have down perfectly. Those who go it alone are normally still trying to find things, and are in the process of unpacking for a goodly period after the main move, providing stress and aggravation for far longer than is necessary.

The Correct Order

This is an area where people tend to make the first mistake, as there seems to be an idea, that if you move the large items first, the remainder will become quite simple. The second thing people try is to clear a house room by room, but both of these are likely to cause major headaches at the other end. As things are brought into the new house, they have the tendency to start to block passageways and furniture has to be moved repeatedly to get it out of the way of other stuff incoming. This causes delays and leaves those shifting the stuff beginning to feel they are fighting a losing battle. The professional understands this and will choose a specific order in which to empty a house, with full consideration given to the order in which it will be unloaded smoothly.


A common misconception in moving, is that once the large objects have been moved, the back of the job has been broken, which is a serious mistake. In reality, the smaller objects are going to take up a significantly longer amount of time to move than most people understand. Simply packing the kitchen utensils and food in the cupboards and fridge will probably take longer than moving half of the bulky objects out of the house, and that is just one room. Companies like Mooval utilise a packaging and labelling methodology, which is swift, efficient and allows for much simpler identification and subsequent correct placement of the right boxes, in the right rooms in the new house. Many doing it themselves are still searching for bits and pieces weeks after moving, from unlabelled boxes containing God knows what in the garage.

Peace of Mind

Moving is an exciting yet challenging experience, which can be simple or horrendous, the choice is up to you. There is a very precise method for correctly lifting heavy objects, and doing it wrong can cause serious and painful injuries. Professionals know exactly how to do it properly, they carry full insurance, so all of your property is covered in the eventuality of a problem, and can have your house 90 percent or more in shape in a fraction of the time it takes an untrained person. You can simply jump in the car, drive to the new house and begin to settle in, having the peace of mind that everything has been done as well as possible, leaving you the luxury of settling in to enjoy your new home.

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